Chaplain councils fire fighters after Schenectady fatal fire

SCHENECTADY, NY. – The fatal fire on Hulett Street was so traumatic for fire fighters Chief Michael Dellarocco called on the Department Chaplain to council his men.

The men he's referring to are the firefighters who ran into the burning home to save the lives of the family upstairs after investigators say a fire started around 5:00 a.m. Thursday.

Officials say they pulled five people from the building, a father and his four children, but only one child, five-year-old Safyre Terry made the trip to the hospital. The others,11-month-old Donovan Duell, two-year-old Michael Terry, three-year-old Layah Terry and their father, 32-year-old David Terry were killed.

Father Richard Carlino, who's served as Chaplin for the Schenectady Fire Department for more than 20 years, met the firefighters as they arrived at the station

“They looked exhausted, every one of them,” Carlino said “You could see the pain in their faces,” Carlino said.

He says he spoke to at least 12 of them individually.

“Many if not all of these fire fighters are parents and it can only be traumatic for them as parents because they tell me how they'll go home and wake up during the night to make sure the kids are okay,” Carlino said.

He says he worries the men might suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after seeing something like this. His advice is to talk to someone.

“The more they're able to talk this out with me or their spouse or best friend or whatever. I don't know if you can ever get people over the trauma of the loss of a child, but if we talk together maybe it can heal some of that pain,” Carlino said.

Father Carlino says he plans to head back to the Fire Department to council to the men who responded to that fatal fire on Sunday.

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