OGS breaks down costs to repair lawns at West Capitol Park

ALBANY, N.Y. – The barricades are still up in Albany's West Capitol Park; a sign of the ongoing work being done to repair the popular green space frequently used by groups protesting at the Capitol.

The Office of General Services has made fixing the park a priority, with a price tag of around $61,000 for the repairs including removal of damaged sod, repairing the irrigation system, prepping the area and laying new sod.

Office of General Services announced the need to repair parts of the Capitol lawn after thousands rallied protesting the New York SAFE Act in February.

The costs associated with repairing the lawns have added up; More than $9,000 worth of sod, $13,000 for topsoil and $38,000 in per diem labor. Plus around $14,000 in labor costs for state employees.

The OGS says per diem labor was needed for this project to supplement staff in order to meet previously scheduled work and projects throughout the Plaza.

When asked if there was a more cost effective way of doing the repairs, OGS Commissioner RoAnn Destito said “we received some estimates and some of them were higher.”

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