Demolition of St. Patrick’s church close to finished

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WATERVLIET, N.Y. – The steeple and the school in back are most of what remains at the site of the St. Patrick's Church in Watervliet.

On Wednesday, construction crews continued clearing out some of the piles of brick, and some asbestos from the school. Tons of broken bricks, piles of wood and debris have already been hauled away from the 170-year-old church over the past week.

Steven Powers, Vice President of Nigro, the company that owns the land, says it should take a total of two weeks to bring the entire church and school down to make room for a Price Chopper that will be built mid-summer.

The iconic steeple of the church is scheduled to be torn down early next week.

Powers says the construction crew leaves a pile of bricks outside of the safety fence every day, for people to come by and take a piece of the historic structure with them.

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