Middle school students learn about WWII from veterans

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. — Middle school students usually learn history from a book, but in Niskayuna Friday, history walked in the door and said hello.

Veterans of WWII, made their annual visit to teacher Dennis Franks' social studies class to tell stories of how they saved a nation.

“It's interesting and the kids are a great bunch and it's nice to see the kids are being taught about WWII. To them, this in ancient history, 70 years ago. So it's surprising and they ask real intelligent questions,” said John “Bud” Moehle.

Some of those questions dealt with the Holocaust and what these veterans saw and remember. Tough stuff to talk about, but in an odd way, it helps.

“It really helps me to be here because the first time I started telling my story, I got broke up. But now that I've told it a few times, it's nice to be able to tell the story and tell people about what happened and it helps my disposition,” said George Williams.

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