Family and friends mourn 26-year-old Darzee Reid’s shooting death

ALBANY, N.Y.—Friends and family are mourning the death of 26 year old Darzee Reid, shot and killed on the corner of Central Avenue and King Avenue in Albany early Wednesday morning.

“He was striving to be somebody, and the point of him trying to be somebody, someone cut it down,” says Lovett Branch, Reid's cousin.

Reid was just a few weeks away from graduating from Austin's School of Spa Technology as a barber. His instructer, Terence Flowers, calls Reid's death a tragedy.

“He was not a troublesome kid, he had a good head on his shoulders,” says Flowers. “Just focused. He wanted to make it.”

Friends and family say Reid was also an aspiring R&B artist, he had just recently recorded an album. Details are still unclear as to what exactly led up to the 911 call of shots fired. Neighbors say they are surprised at the violence.

“When Sneaky Peat's left and Shop Rite came, this becamse a much better neighborhood,” says Brandon Conner, the general manager of Tony's Terrace located nearby. “This is a very isolated incident.”

As police continue to investigate, Reid's family and friends ask why.

“It's short,” says Flowers. “One day someone's here and the next they're gone.”

“You can't look at him, the only thing you have left is a picture,” says Branch. “It's really, really sad.”

There also a 22 year old man shot during the same incident, but police are not releasing his name yet. Police say he sustained non-life threatening injuries.

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