Marathoner shares suspicious photograph with FBI

BOSTON – Thousands of photos were snapped by thousands of spectators during the Boston Marathon on Monday. One of the many photographs that day coming from Bert Venderwall who traveled from Holland to race in the marathon.

“Everything has to be done to solve this,” he said.

As the FBI scours through images and surveillance footage from nearby buildings close the blast site, Venderwall wanted investigators to  take a closer look at his photos.  

He approached the News Center Wednesday unable to upload them himself. “I'm devastated by what happened and went over the pictures over and over again,” he said. “Yesterday I saw the first image of the pressure cooker.”

The images of pressure cooked bomb released by federal investigators are what led to Venderwall to taking a closer look at his own photographs. 

“We counted back in time; my wife was standing opposite the second blast,” he said.

Venderwall says he crossed the finish line twenty minutes before the two bombs detonated. It was at that time his wife took these pictures and they found something in one of his photographs he wanted to share with the FBI.

“We found something on the sidewalk which was unfamiliar to me,” he said.

As you zoom in on the photograph, sitting right on the sidewalk is a red bag which seems left unattended. Venderwall says it's very possible it could be nothing, but he still wanted to pass it along to the FBI.

Wednesday evening the News Center forward to images to the FBI email address designated for photographs from the Marathon.

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