Man charged after selling assault weapon to undercover cop

WILTON, N.Y. – New York State Police have arrested a Moreau resident for allegedly selling an assault rifle under the terms of the new state gun control legislation, the SAFE Act.

Just days after the
controversial New York Safe Act officially went into effect State Police in Wilton already made one of their first arrests. Police arrested 51-year-old William Greene on Tuesday at his home on
Pine Road in the Town of Moreau. An undercover officer purchased an
assault weapon Police say Greene was attempting to sell through a private group of gun
enthusiasts on Facebook.

law doesn't allow the transfer of this gun without the background check and
doesn't allow those lawfully possessed guns to be transferred to a random
individual,” said Cpt. Timothy Munro with State Police Troop G.
were tipped off to the Facebook post by a call made to the NYS Guns Tip
line. Although a new law Police say Greene was well aware of it.
“It's clear
to us through conversations and through the investigation that he was aware that
he was violating the law,” said Munro.
Greene has
been charged with two misdemeanors for the unlawful transfer of an assault
weapon and disposing of a weapon without a background check. Police explained
Wednesday why the gun is considered an assault weapon under the new law.
“It has the
means of accepting a detachable magazine and it had at least one of the features
that makes it an assault weapon,” said Munro.
feature Police say was a pistol grip. But as the
safe act is being challenged in court as some believe it's unconstitutional the
question of its validity is a concern.
“Before all is said and done the NY court
of appeals is going to have to issue a definitive
ruling. The constitutionality of the law is right now legally an open
question,” said Attorney Terry Kindlon with Kindlon & Shanks.
Greene will be in court at a
later date. The weapon Police say is a RGuns .223-5.56 caliber assault style rifle with a pistol grip, which meets the definition of an assault weapon.


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