Pittsfield PD investigating string of home burglaries

PITTSFIELD, Mass. –The Pittsfield Police Department is investigating several recent housebreaks in the area.

The homes have been broken into by kicking in doors and breaking windows, and electronics, jewelry and video games have been stolen.

Crime prevention tips from Pittsfield PD:

  • Lock doors and first floor windows
  • Invest in a solid core door with sturdy frame and good locks
  • Keep shrubs trimmed back away from windows
  • Lock car doors, and don't leave valuables in the car
  • Get to know your neighbors. Keep an eye out on their behalf
  • Report suspicious persons or suspicious circumstances in your neighborhood
  • Consider an alarm or wireless home security system
  • Call the police if you discover your home has been broken in to
  • To report an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, please call 448-9700

If you have information regarding break-ins in the area please call the Detective Bureau at 448-9705.


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