Assemblyman calls state estimate for gun rally damage ‘ridiculous’

ALBANY, N.Y. — A local
assemblyman is calling the state's estimate to fix West Capitol Park after a
rally damaged the sod there
, “ridiculous.”

The Office Of General
Services has told NEWS CENTER, when thousands of pro-gun advocates rallied at West
Capitol Park in February, the combination of 5,000 people and the rainy, snowy
conditions damaged the grounds there.

The OGS has estimated it
will cost $60,000 to repair, but Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin now wants to see an
itemized list of those costs.

“Only in Albany, N.Y.
could they come up with that number $60,000. How they ended up at $60,000,”
said McLaughlin.

NEWS CENTER reached out to
OGS for a response, and a spokesperson says they stand by their estimate.

The work should be completed in May.

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