East Schodack Fire Company accuses Ladies Auxiliary treasurer of larceny

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SCHODACK, N.Y. — Members of the East Schodack Fire Company
said they wanted the public supporting them to know what happened to money
raised for the Ladies Auxiliary.

In a very brief statement, a member of the department
claims the treasurer and other members of the now disbanded Ladies Auxiliary committed
a larceny when they allegedly moved more than $9,000 from one department account
to another. And that the treasurer tried to move the funds to another fire
company with which she is currently a member.

The attorney representing the defunct Ladies Auxiliary
says that's not true, and that the ladies want the money sent to the Fireman's
Home in Hudson.

“They wanted to make sure that no one would say they
stole the money or did anything improper that's why at this time they will wait
for a court order making it clear that they are allowed to do it,” said
Attorney Joshua Sabo.

According to Mike Buckbee of the East Schodack Fire
Company, the Ladies Auxiliary was disbanded by the company in 2010. Yet former
officers refused to return records historical items, company property, and
money that was raised in the Schodack community.


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