Troy City Council discussing ways to make roads safer after pedestrian accident

TROY, N.Y. — The Troy City Council wants to create a citizen work group
to explore promoting safe, affordable, accessible transportation for everyone,
not just motorists. A recent accident at the Hoosick Street crossing at the
intersection of 10th underscored the need.

“It's a runway. If you look at the bridge it looks like
an airport and people are like planes trying to take off,” said Amy
Hallovan who lives on Hoosick.

The dangers of crossing Hoosick Street  remain fresh in everyone's mind following the
Wednesday accident of a four-year-old girl and her mother hit by a car while
trying to cross.

Thursday night the Troy City Council subcommittee heard a
lot of public comment from those in the area. They warned that unless changes
are made, another accident will happen.

“Most people do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks.
There are right turns on red and people take them because they want to get on
the highway,” said Hallovan.

At the meeting the subcommittee voted to move a Complete
Streets Resolution for a vote in May which could help make safer streets.

“If we're going to redevelop the city for any reason
we have to take into account other modes of transportation that are also
important and may not have been considered in the past,” said Troy City
Councilman Rodney Wiltshire.

A possible move to make the area safer would be the
creation of a pedestrian bridge, by some felt that would only add to the chaos.

Others suggested other ways to give people time and
safety to cross while helping to educate motorists to remain vigilant.

“Better striping, better timing of the signals, and
medians where the citizens can actually stand when they're trying to
cross,” said Wiltshire.

“I know what happens when you get behind the wheel
of a car. You forget what it's like to use your legs and you forget people need
time to cross, have the right to cross. And so I really think we need to have
the police remind us all the time,” said Hallovan.

The Troy mayor will meet with DOT on Thursday to address
the Hoosick intersection.


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