Dad, grandfather of Troy accident victims speaks

TROY, N.Y. – Mike Bingham says his daughter, 19-year-old Sarah Bingham, and
his granddaughter 4-year-old Amy Vanwert are still in the hospital after they
were hit by a vehicle crossing the road.

He shared the emotional roller coaster he has been on since he learned about
the tragic accident.

“A friend of mine called me and said ‘there's an accident on Hoosick
street,'” said Bingham.

Bingham's world was forever changed when he realized it was his daughter
Sarah and granddaughter Amy that were hit by an SUV at the intersection of Hoosick
and 10th Street.

“I walked out, and my daughter told me that my daughter and
granddaughter had been hit by a car,” said Bingham.

Troy police say Sarah and her daughter Amy were attempting to cross the street
at around 7:40 a.m. when they were struck by the vehicle.

Sarah remains at Albany Medical Center with her family by her side as she
tries to recover and pray for her daughter's recovery as well.

“She can't walk right at this moment. She's got a broken pelvis some bruised
lungs,” said Bingham.

Bingham had a difficult time Friday as he received updates on his
granddaughter's condition.

“I couldn't — I had to leave the hospital. I couldn't hold it together.
She's my first granddaughter,” said Bingham.

Amy went through hours of surgery on Thursday, and she remains in the
Pediatric ICU at Albany Medical Center.

“The surgery went well as far as they're telling us. I guess they had to
reattach the spinal cord to the skull,” said Bingham.

All that remained after the accident Wednesday was remnants of the tragic
event, and talk of safety issues at the busy intersection.

Through it all Bingham says it's been the support of friends, family, and
even strangers that have helped him carry on and be strong for his daughter and

“It's surprising. I mean people I don't even know,” said Bingham.

The family is now being represented by a lawyer, and Dan Dagostino of Martin
Harding & Mazotti, tells the NEWS CENTER that he will be investigating the
driver in this accident and looking at prior accidents that have happened at
the intersection to see if any safety measures should have been in place there.

Dagostino says claims could be made against the State of New York or Troy.
The state DOT says it will meet with Troy's mayor next week to discuss options
for improving pedestrian safety there, but will wait for the results of an
investigation by Troy Police as well.

Troy Police Captain John Cooney says at this time there are no charges
expected to be filed against the driver of the SUV.

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