NY lawmakers consider legalizing medical marijuana

ALBANY, NY — New York could be the 19th state to pass pro marijuana legislation. Assembly bill 06357  would allow pot to be prescribed to patients  for medical use. It's a law David Levin wishes was in place when his grandmother got sick in 2006. “If she had access to medical marijuana things might have been different,” he said.

Levin is now a lobbyist working to reform marijuana laws in the state. “Her final days may have lasted longer so that's why I am doing this,” he told the NewsCenter.

Assemblyman Phil Steck from the 110th district said, “If marijuana can be useful in treating patients who are in difficult and painful circumstances we owe it to them and their families to ease the pain associated with their condition.”

Steck is  a co-sponsor of the bill which would legalize  the possession and use of marijuana for a patient under a doctors care for cancer and other severe illnesses. The doctor would have to be licensed to prescribe it and patients would have to register with the health department to use it legally for their sickness. “This year we think things are going to be different there is language from iStop which is a tracking program,” said Levine. We've learned from 18 states that came before us and improved upon what they have.”

 Steck said, “There is no rational reason why that shouldn't be done.”

 Steck also believes if passed both by the assembly and senate the governor would sign off on it. “The governor has come out in favor of further decriminalization of marijuana,” he said.

NY's conservative group says they will definitely be opposing the bill.  However, they say since the bill was just introduced earlier this week no official statement has been released on their opposition to the bill.

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