Vacant buildings in the city of Albany highlighted as a problem

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ALBANY, N.Y.—There is growing concern in the city of Albany over the amount of vacant buildings there are, some of which are historical.

There are 840 vacant buildings in the city of Albany, with owners that are now selling or fixing them.

It's a sight in some neighborhoods which has become the norm, vacant homes that sit “as is” for years and become blight.

Thursday night, residents of the Pine Hills neighborhood got together to discuss what can be done to preserve the historic nature as well as encourage interested buyers who want to rehabilitate them.

“No question it's gotten worse,” says resident Fred Ruff. “People just walk away from these buildings and it's very depressing when you've lived in this city for as many years as I have.”

“The city has to roll out the red carpet and make it easy for people to come,” adds Susan Holland, the executive director of the Historic Albany Foundation.

Holland says saving the homes rather than demolishing them can add to the tax base in the city.

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