Lady Danes heading to Delaware for NCAA game

ALBANY, N.Y. — As the men prepare to come home, the UAlbany women's basketball team is heading out.

They are on a bus to Delaware right now, where the Lady Danes will play North Carolina in the first round of the NCAA tournament on Sunday.

Loading up the bus and heading to the tournament is new for the team's four freshman players.

“It's definitely exciting right now.  I'm just excited to go and see what it's like,” says freshman forward Shereesha Richards.  

For the rest of the Lady Danes, this is the second straight trip to the big dance. 

“I think this year is different because we know what it feels like.  We know what it's going to feel like to be out there and the odds aren't stacked against us, we're not playing North Carolina on their home court,” says Ebone Henry, senior guard for the team.

The 14-seeded Danes feel that playing at Delaware on a neutral court could help them pull off the upset.  

“What I keep telling our players is that North Carolina is coming to the cold, coming to the snow.  They're not going to be sleeping in their beds, they're not going to be sleeping anywhere they're comfortable.  They're not going to be shooting on their baskets, so that's an advantage to us, and we need to us all the advantages we can get,” says UAlbany head coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson.

NEWS10 will be heading to Delaware Saturday for continued coverage of the women's tournament run. 

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