New guidelines to be followed at Saratoga Springs Arms Fair

SPRINGS, N.Y. — For months, gun show promoter Dave Petronis worked with the attorney
general's office to develop new guidelines for vendors who buy and sell guns at
his shows.

they leave the gun show, we want to make sure the gun was sold to a responsible
person,” says Petronis.

after undercover investigations by the state revealed that illegal gun sales
were taking place in parking lots right outside of the Arms Fair and other guns
shows throughout New York according to the attorney general's office.

really can't control everything here at the City Center,” says Petronis.

problem is that this creates a forum that people who want to sell them
illegally can do that,” says Susan Steer of the Saratogians for Gun Safety

for the first time, lawmakers and gun show operators like Petronis worked
together and agreed to new, stricter guidelines to control what happens inside
these shows

guidelines include tags with more information on them, making it easier for
authorities to track where and when a background check was done. Petronis says
vendors will also keep the tags for a minimum of three years.

starting Saturday even private sales will have to go through a dealer to ensure
that a NIC, or a National Instant Criminal background check, is done.

will also notice more signs posted throughout the venue alerting everyone to
the new rules and mandatory checks.

Albano says the state government needs to focus other ways to prevent gun

“When a person gets denied, no one does
anything after the denial process,” says Albano. “We should have to call the
local authorities and have them report it.”

vendors say they've already been following many of these new rules.

shows promoter also tells NEWS10 there will be more guards present at this weekend's
show to show people which entrances they can enter in and out of with guns.


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