Village of Victory to vote on dissolution next week

local villages face higher taxes, they're looking to dissolve and share services
in order to save money – and residents of the Village of Victory will vote on
their own fate next Tuesday.

residents are in support of dissolving the village, but the majority is against

they have the dissolution they'll be no more village employees,” said resident
John Brownell.

Mayor James Sullivan says he is in favor of the village's dissolution, citing a
poor economy and way to move village government forward.

what I mean by that is, to things better together and more efficiently, it's
important to have a combination of services from different government to do
that. It's more efficient and it's less cost,” said Mayor Sullivan.

is one of two villages within the town of Saratoga. With an estimated 650
residents, it's also one of the smallest villages in the state.

to Mayor Sullivan, who is not seeking re-election, residents can expect to see
as much as a 50 percent tax saving if they vote “yes.”

“And with
the CETC, the citizen's empowerment tax credit, it could be upwards of 53 or 54
percent for some,” he said.

Woods, town of Saratoga Supervisor, backs up the mayor's assertion that town
taxes are less than village taxes — but there are some things the village
currently provides that the town won't.

“Such as
garbage, trash removal. Those are done by private contractors within the town
of Saratoga,” said Woods.


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