Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: March 15

1. Mo. golfer survives fall into Ill. course sinkhole: Mark Mihal was having a good opening day on the links when he noticed an unusual depression on the 14th fairway at Annbriar Golf Club in southern Illinois. Remarking to his friends how awkward it would be to have to hit out of it, he went over for a closer look.


2. Vets save NYC dog who swallowed 111 pennies: A New York City dog has undergone emergency surgery to remove more than 100 pennies from his stomach.


3. Is it time to invest in foreclosures?


4. Many teens afraid to intervene in sexual assault: More than half of all teens and young adults in the United States know a victim of dating violence or sexual assault, according to a new national survey.


5. Daily aspirin linked to lower risk for deadly skin cancer in women: Older women who take an aspirin regularly may be lowering their risk of developing the deadly skin cancer melanoma, a new study suggests.



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