Local med students gather for “Match Day”

ALBANY, N.Y. – Fourth-year medical students at Albany Medical College learned where they will spend their next several years doing residencies.

136 Albany Medical College students were matched Friday in an emotional gathering at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Besides commencement, “Match Day” is considered the biggest event in a medical student's academic life.

They received placements at hospitals throughout the country including such prestigious institutions as Stanford University Medical Center, Tufts Medical Center, and UC Davis Medical Center. Thirty-eight students, or 28 percent, were matched to programs in New York State. Fifty-five percent of this year's class entered into primary care specialties, including family practice, internal medicine, medicine/pediatrics, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology.

Fifteen students will stay at Albany Medical Center and fill residency positions in general surgery, emergency medicine, preliminary surgery, family medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, preliminary medicine, diagnostic radiology, urology, and ophthalmology.

After months of research and interviews, graduating medical students give their top choices of residency programs to the National Residency Matching Program's database. Meanwhile, hospitals submit their top choices of students. They are then “matched” via a computer algorithm. The students will graduate in May and begin their residencies in July.

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