Albany Housing Authority battling bed bugs

ALBANY, N.Y. — The Albany Housing Authority does confirm it has an issue with bed bugs, but says it's getting a handle on it now.

Residents of the Albany Housing Authority say although the authority is aggressive when treating its bed bug problem, it seems the blood sucking insects always return.

“It comes and goes and comes and goes back and forth,” said Helen Leromain, a resident of Westview Apartments.

“They're terrible,” said Sarah Leetrotter, a resident of the Townsend Park Apartments.”Today they're at my house treating, trying to get rid of the bugs.”

Leetrotter says her apartment at 45 Central Ave. has been treated for bed bugs four times over the past few months.

“One morning I went to make my bed and I took off the old sheet and down where it was tucked under the mattress was loaded with bed bugs,” said Leetrotter.

The resilient bugs have even pushed her out of her bedroom.

“I'd been afraid to sleep in my bed. I've been sleeping in the dining room on a chair,” said Leetrotter.

The executive director of the Albany
Housing Authority says, “bed bugs are a pervasive problem and we work
aggressively to minimize the impact.”

The authority says all of its
complexes are routinely checked for the bugs four times a year and that, unfortunately,
at one time or another all of its buildings have had issues with them.

The Housing Authority did not
give exact numbers, but did say it spends a great deal of its money and
resources to fight this battle.

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