Hurtful comments directed at local crash survivor

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — Bailey Wind's mother confirmed with NEWS10 that some students from Saratoga Springs High School made very hurtful comments toward Bailey.

Last night's hockey game between Saratoga Springs and Shenendohwa turned ugly after hurtful comments were heard coming from the Saratoga Springs student section, according to Bailey's mom.

Bailey's mom says there was even a fake Twitter account made under Bailey's name.

On Bailey's own Twitter account she writes, “are you honestly that bored with your life that you made a fake twitter account of me?”

Bailey's Shen family is also supporting her through this, using hashtags like #shenlovesbailey.

Her friends writing, “Whoever makes fun of Bailey Wind, Matt Hardy or anyone who has dealt with so much trauma is pathetic.

NEWS10 reached out to the superintendent of the Saratoga Springs School District Michael Piccirillo, but he says they wish to reserve comment for when and if an official complaint is made and that's it's premature to determine a disciplinary action if any when an investigation has not yet begun.


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