Stuyvesant woman jumps from second story window to escape fire

STUYVESANT, NY — A woman inside of a Stuyvesant apartment says she had to jump out of her second story bedroom window into the arms of firefighters because of a fire they may have started in her kitchen.

When NEWS10 visited the apartment the kitchen looked gutted and destroyed.

Assistant fire chief, Randy Plass said, “I just wanted to get her out of there before she burned.”

He along with another firefighter Paul Van Allen were the first on the scene. When they arrived they saw Kristen Kyle Clause hanging out from her window waiting to be rescued.

“The first thought was getting her out of there because she had a lot of heavy smoke coming out from behind her,” said Plass.

“She was calmer than I think I would have been,” said Paul Van Allen, a volunteer firefighter for the Stockport Fire Department.

The two men had to talk her into taking the leap as they waited on the ground holding their arms out waiting for to make the jump. “I assured her we'd do everything we could do to not get her hurt but she was definitely going to be hurt if she stayed up there,” said Plass.

Clause made the jump and survived without any injuries. She tells NEWS10 her cat, which was her pet for the last 13 years, didn't make it out of the fire. Clause was too shaken up by the experience and didn't want to go on camera but says the two men are her heroes.

“No, I don't feel like a hero I just did what any other firefighter would do. That is what we do try to help people and do the right thing,” explained Plass.

Hero or not, Clause credits them for acting quickly to save her life.

“They saved someone, that's a hero to me,” said Michael Cesternino, chief of the Stockport fire department.

The fire fighters were able to contain and knock the fire down before it spread to other parts of the complex also. Clause is staying with her son for the time being.

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