Gas leak in Troy causes residents to evacuate

TROY, N.Y. – Deputy Mayor of Troy Peter Ryan says construction at the Unity House site was the scene of a natural gas leak, causing several streets to be closed off and homes evacuated Thursday night.

Fire fighters along with members from National Grid rush to the intersection of Vanderhyden and Earl Streets to defuse a dangerous gas leak caused when a construction machine nicked a gas line during demolition of a building on the lot.

Crews closed off the surrounding streets and evacuated five buildings on the block in order to cut the power and turn off the gas in order to isolate most of the problem.

“They were just knocking on the door and they said we had to leave its an emergency,” said one neighbor.

“I came home I smelled the gas,” Jason Poulin, who lives on Fifth Avenue, said. “Two fire fighters came up and said 'you have to leave, your house could explode.'”

The Fire Chief said luckily National Grid arrived on scene when they did. “The potential was there. I've seen this kind explosion in the past, but luckily National Grid had enough resources here right away.”

Residents are back in their homes Friday morning and streets have been reopened.

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