CHVL All-Stars released

The Central Hudson Valley League coaches have released the league's 2010 all-stars.

The Most Valuable Player from the league is Loudonville Christian's senior point guard Mat Yamin. Averaging 18.8 points per game, Yamin helped lead the Eagles to a 12-0 record in league play, 17-1 overall, to win the league.


Mat Yamin—Loudonville Christian—Senior guard

1st Team

Gabe Brown—Loudonville Christian—Junior forward

Greg Depaolis—Berlin—Sophomore forward

Ezra Glatt— Hawthorne Valley—Senior guard

Nolan Lewis—Germantown—Senior guard

Rory Siy—Doane Stuart—Senior center

2nd Team

Tyler Fuchs—Germantown—Senior forward

James Hilton—Loudonville Christian—Senior forward

Austin Horton—Heatly—Sophomore guard

Zach Krajkowski—New Lebanon—Senior forward

Josh Orton—Waterford—Sophomore guard

Evan Schettini— Doane Stuart—Junior center

Honorable Mention

Cody Seel—Berlin—Junior forward

Deshawn Speights—Doane Stuart—Junior guard

Ira Ganz—Doane Stuart—Sophomore guard

Ryan Disher—Germantown—Senior forward

Amandus Fuchs—Germantown—Senior center

Brendan Bellanti—Loudonville Christian–Senior guard            

Chase Keener—Loudonville Christian—Senior guard

Jahseim Chapman—Heatly—Sophomore forward

Jace Davey—Waterford—Freshman guard

Christian Jones—Waterford—Sophomore center

League Standings

Loudonville Christian 12-0 conference, 17-1 overall

Germantown 11-2 conference, 12-6 overall

Doane Stuart 8-6 conference, 10-7 overall

Waterford 8-6 conference, 9-9 overall

Heatly 7-6 conference, 7-9 overall

Berlin 5-9 conference, 6-12 overall

Hawthorne Valley 2-10 conference, 2-12 overall

New Lebanon  0-13 conference, 0-17 overall                                               

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