Hudson residents settle in for storm

HUDSON, N.Y. — With a
snow emergency in effect in Hudson, residents were looking for a place to stay
warm and grab a drink – it is, after all, a Friday night!

Spotty Dog, a popular bar
and bookstore fit the bill. The snowstorm was the main topic of conversation at
the business.

“I'm definitely
excited about hot chocolate yeah, so I like snow and a good blizzard is a good
blizzard,” said Bartended Andy Aidekman.

Over at Grazin', a restaurant
just a couple blocks away, the owner Dan Gibson told NEWS10 the white stuff is
hurting his bottom line.

“It has been a little bit
slower. The regulars are here, they know about us, they're always here but the
people that tend to come up from the city, for example on the weekend, aren't
here today,” said Gibson.

That means a little less
prep work for Gibson and his chef.

“We haven't made as many
soups as we usually do or prepared as many burgers as we usually do,” said

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