Colonie snow plows hit the roads

N.Y. — Many Capital Region residents get to ride out this winter storm cozy in
their homes, but that's not the case for plow drivers busy working long hours
to keep our roads safe.

At the Department of Public Operations, now that the snow is starting to
accumulate, crews from both the day and night shifts are working to clear the
roads in Colonie.

“This storm was kind of unusual in that we were waiting for it to happen. And
now that it's here we're dealing with it,” said Kevin Killian.

Highway foreman Kevin Killian punched in for his shift at 7:30 a.m. in
anticipation of Friday's winter storm. He's driving one of the town of Colonie's
37 two-manned trucks equipped with a front plow, a wing, and hundreds of pounds
of sand, salt mix to cover the local roads. 

Killian, this is a typical snow event for the Capital Region.  And he says
people should still proceed with caution when they see a plow truck on the
“Basically you wanna stay far enough behind where you don't get hit with the
rock salt. But just a safe distance would be 4 to 5 or your own car lengths,”
said Killian. “Because the area in front of the plow is typically untreated, unplowed. So
you definitely want to stay behind it and do not pass”

In a normal snow event it takes four to five hours and one pass to get all 37
of colonies routes plowed. 

are anticipating making as many as three passes and not being done with the
roads until noon Saturday. 

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