Capital Region travelers trying to beat oncoming storm

COLONIE, N.Y. — Another busy night at Albany International Airport as passengers with bags in hand come and go — but with the impending snowstorm there's a sense of gratitude coming from many travelers that they made in it or out at all.

“I was afraid we were going to fly into snow flying into Albany but it looks good,” said Gwen Goff.

Some like Lee Lepelli even cut their vacations short to make sure they arrived ahead of the snow.

“A few of my girlfriends and I just came back from Florida so we wanted to get in before the big storm hit. All of our friends were just telling us it was going to be a major snowstorm,” said Lepelli.

But Lepelli is staying upbeat about missing out on that extra day of vacation.

“We did get five beautiful days in Florida so we'll take what we can get and we got back here safe, no issues with changing our flights,” said Lepelli.

It's expected to be a very different story though Friday and Saturday — Albany International, like many other airports, has already begun warning passengers about flight cancellations including Cape Air, Delta and United Airlines and others are likely to follow.

Most airlines are allowing passengers to change their flight reservations without paying a fee. Dick Depew and his wife were among them.

“It was busy and they indicated that they were already starting to shutdown flights to the northeast,” said Depew.

You can check on Albany International flights here.

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