Capital Region residents prep for oncoming snow

LATHAM, N.Y. — Well if you didn't already rush out to the stores in prep for the storm, Friday morning was the time to do it, with the snow storm projected to pick up later tonight.

Stores like Lowes in Latham were ready for the last minute storm preppers.

The line of snow blowers stretched down the first isle as you walk into Lowe's, next to them were shovels, car scrapers and brushes, along with bags of rock salt — all essential items for anyone planning to deal with Friday's snow storm

But it wasn't those items flying off the floor, it was the bigger and heavy duty items like snow blowers that were loaded into trucks for those looking for more power to move the snow, and others purchased generators in case of power loss due to the snow.

“Just so we don't lose the power, in case we get stuck we can have a TV and a refrigerator running and the furnace,” said prepper Frank Muzio. “This is going to be a big storm, I say we better not put off, we better grab a big one.”

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