Businesses anticipating post-storm boom

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HANCOCK, Mass. — Much of the area prepared for the big storm in more ways than one, but while some are ready to battle the snow, others are welcoming it with open arms hoping it will bring a much needed boost to their businesses.

It's a weekend blizzard event that seasonal businesses in the area have been waiting on for weeks now.

“It's been slow going but it's substantially better than a year ago we didn't get any snow a year ago,” said John Filiault of Jiminy Peak.

But he says that's about to change with 15 inches or more on the way for the ski resort, “Saturday night will probably be our biggest night of the year no doubt.”

According to Filault, business is already up from last year's lack luster year by 15 percent.

That's why local ski shops are stocking up with gear in anticipation of the crowds.

“It's gonna be crazy this weekend, just a matter of whether people can get here,” said Howie Schaff, owner of RPM construction.

Howie says the last two seasons he's had a few guaranteed contracts, but wasn't able to cash in on any bonuses.

“Yeah, we like to have the snow; it helps out through the winter. I understand people's concerns, if you don't have snow it's easier on them but harder on us,” said Schaff.

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