Anthony Magnetto sworn in as Troy Police Commissioner

TROY, N.Y. — A veteran with the Troy Police Department takes on a new role Friday.

A former assistant chief with the department, Anthony Magnetto was officially sworn in as the new Troy Police Commissioner.

Magnetto was joined by Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia and elected leaders as he took the oath of office.

The mayor says the creation of a commissioner will help the city tackle recent violence.

Police Chief John Tedesco did not comment on the appointment, but he has told NEWS10 in the past that he did not think a commissioner was needed.

“It's a joke, first off, I don't know
anybody, of what I was told exceptional, extraordinary skills that they're
going to look for, and that's going to come in here under the term of being a
Public Safety Commissioner of the Bureaus of Police and Fire. You're going to
get someone for $30,000 that's going to come in and manage two budgets that are
worth more than $30 Million? I don't think you're going to get anyone with an
exceptional skill talent, except the correct political resume,” said Tedesco.

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