March held near site of fatal Troy stabbing

TROY, N.Y. – A march was held Thursday at the Corliss Park Apartments where police say Takim Smith was stabbed to death during what they believe was a robbery.

The march, organized by Pastor Willie Bacote, was attended by family members and friends of the 21-year-old father of three — with another child on the way.

Police believe Smith was lured to the apartment in the Corliss Park Apts., and then jumped, robbed and stabbed.

His mother spoke prior to the march, saying that she is heartbroken over her son's murder — but she is choosing not to hate.

Smith's family said they believe money from a medical settlement was the motive.

Police confirm that they believe the attack on Smith was
planned in advance by those he trusted, and that the suspects used the promise
of a ménage a trois as bait.

Four teens have been arrested in connection to the crime. Arrested Tuesday night were 19-year-old Eric Mallard and 17-year-old Ravenal Dunbar, both of Troy. These arrests came in addition to the initial arrests of 17-year-old Keith Ferguson and 16-year-old Ahziarh Carter, both of Troy, in connection to Smith's death.

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