Local schools, parents preparing for snow

ALBANY, N.Y. — With skies clouding up and plenty of snow in the forecast,
parents and local schools are getting ready for schedule changes that can come
with winter weather.

Schools assess weather conditions days in advance, gathering staff members,
checking with local authorities, and assigning people to keep an eye on road

Making the call to cancel school, delay, or send kids home early can be a
tough decision to make.

it's a school in Amsterdam – or Schenectady – school leaders say road
conditions are key.

“What we do have are spotters that do go out and let us know the conditions of
the roads, we are in contact with the authorities to see their take,” said
Thomas Perillo.

“We really want to pay attention to our ability to stay ahead of the DPW or
county to be able to stay ahead of the storm. Taking a look at when we think
heavy snow is going to be coming down,” said Larry Spring.

Planning for a day off or a delay can create a headache for parents – but
according to one mom, early dismissal can be worse.

“If they do that, that's almost the worst situation because then I'm in
the middle of the day already and haven't made plans whereas if I know at 5:30
in the morning that it's going to be canceled then I have something settled for
the day,” said Albany mother Kristin Hessler.

while schools do have snow days built into the year – if it's possible, they
don't want to burn them too quickly.

“We are into the snowiest month of the year, February right into March, so
where we can, we try to save the day, but that doesn't impact the safety of the
students,” said Perillo.

And if that snow day or delay does come, technology makes it easier for
parents to make plans for their kids – with phone calls, text messages, and email
alerts from their school.

“What they do is they email us now, which is really convenient,” said Bobby

You can find local school closings listed here.

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