Amsterdam man convicted of double slaying

FONDA, N.Y. – An Amsterdam man has been convicted of stabbing two people to death last year in a local apartment.

Ivan Ramos, 31, of 51 Milton Ave. in Amsterdam, was found guilty of two counts of 1st-Degree murder by a Montgomery County jury on Friday. Prosecutors say he killed 46-year-old Cheryl Gross and 56-year-old William McDermott in Amsterdam last March.

They say Ramos slashed McDermott to death before bursting through a chain-locked bedroom door to kill Gross as well.

Both were found stabbed to death inside a home on Locust Avenue. At the time, police said that there were signs of a struggle and that illegal drugs likely contributed to the deaths of the victims.

According to court documents, one witness testified he'd been at a party smoking crack in the apartment with Ramos and the victim's hours before the killings.

Ramos faces up to life in prison.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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