Online listing for rental home not what it appeared to be

COLONIE, N.Y. —  A craigslist posting, advertising a local home for rent was apparently too good to be true. A local resident is outraged after her search for a home ended with confusion and a broken promise. It all began with a craigslist posting that has since been removed from the site.

“Full dry cellar and a beautiful yard. What more could I ask for? and the rent was so reasonable I couldn't believe it,” said Patricia DeGuerre of Colonie.

DeGuerre was ecstatic after seeing a posting on craigslist saying a home in Colonie was for rent.
She had conversations with the owners by email and phone who told her they just moved out of the country, but her grandson became suspicious.

“But then I saw that they wanted her to send a check before she'd even seen the place, before she'd even seen any of the paperwork,” said Michael Corcoran of Colonie.

They went to look at the house and saw a for sale sign.

“They said that the house had been listed for sale so if we saw a listing ignore that,” said Corcoran.

The family didn't ignore it. Instead they contacted the listing agent who had a startling revelation about the real owners of the house.

“Both of them are deceased,” said Suzanne Prezio with Coldwell Banker.

Prezio says this is not the first time this has happened to one of her properties.

“It appears as though they're targeting homes that are under $150,000 in desirable areas. Use a realtor. If it seems too good to be true it is,” said Prezio.

Prezio believes the schemers stole photos of the home from her listing, and posed as the actual homeowners.

NEWS 10 called the alleged homeowners Friday. The person who answered said quote “We have owned the house a long time you know ten, fifteen years.”

When asked if he knew that the real owners were dead, he said,”Oh I know about that” and hung up the phone.

“I felt violated. I felt like how could somebody be so nice to me on the phone and actually be putting the screws to me at the same time,” said DeGuerre.
Prezio says that anybody looking for home listings on craigslist or similar sites should be extremely cautious and it is always best to call a realtor to verify a listing as well.

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