Every minute counts during a heart attack; local woman tells her story

After suffering a massive heart attack one local woman recognizes how fortunate she is to be alive to tell her story; a story she hopes others can learn from.

Kathy Miller never thought she would have a heart attack; however on September 14, 2011, her world was forever changed.

had been having bad migraines for several days, but once her arm
started hurting and her chest began to pound, she knew she needed help.
So her husband Marty, a long time NEWS10 photographer, called 911.

The Bruen Rescue Squad gets a lot of heart related calls. They respond
quickly and the fast action can mean the difference between life and

“The doctor said to me [I was] that close, and I was very lucky,” Kathy said.

Marty and Kathy are both members of the East Greenbush Fire
Department. They are familiar faces in the community and to Robert
Potter, the first EMT on the scene that day.

Kathy was in full-blown cardiac arrest.

immediately gave her three Aspirin, oxygen and hooked her up to a
monitor that sent her condition to Albany Med immediately.

“She was touch and go the whole time,” he describes.

at Albany Med, doctors were able to put in two stents. Kathy credits
the combination of heroic efforts for being here today. Her husband
Marty says the fast work at the hospital was truly amazing, and in true
photographer fashion he made sure to document the moment.

“I made her say I'm better so we could send it to Florida,” Marty said. Florida is where the Miller's grandson lives.

Kathy says she is feeling great and has some made some big changes in
her life; she quit smoking, she exercises every day, and she eats

Kathy's message is to educate yourself. Know the signs
and symptoms of a heart attack, know your body and call your doctor
when something isn't right.

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