Temperatures fall just in time for 52nd Lake George Winter Carnival

typically slow winter season at Lake George is about to change with the 52nd
annual winter carnival almost here.

But with this week's
warmth — is there enough ice on the lake for the activities?

After a bit of a warm
spell, temperatures are falling once again and it's just in time for the Lake George
winter carnival to kick off this weekend.

Despite the roller coaster weather the Capital Region's been experiencing,
organizers for the carnival are optimistic about this season's events.

“Everything is going in
the right direction here, we have some ice on the lake, it's frozen so that's a
plus, the enthusiasm is at an all-time high now.  We have a little snow
left here and the forecast is calling for some light snow and cold weather so
everything looks 100 percent on,” said Louis Tokos, Vice co-chair of the winter

The only thing not happening — the polar plunge, with the lake being roped off
due to a problem with Asian clams. 

But snowmobiling,
outhouse races, ice diving, and food competitions are all still on and expected
to bring big crowds to the area.

“When the carnival picks up, for four weekends in February, it can be very
busy.  The more snow and ice you have the busier you are,” said Mario's restaurant
owner, Paul Nichols.

While work is underway outside on an ice sculpture, there's plenty of work
inside, for local business.

“It's definitely a boom, I mean, I hire more people during those weekends in February. 
It's good for the local economy, when you make money you spend money,” said Nichols.

During the winter carnival, between 2,000 and 5,000 people head to Lake George
each weekend.

“It's a burst of tourism that's a big burst to our local economy, and it's just
a fun filled weekend that people just get together and enjoy themselves,” said

The opening ceremony begins this Saturday at noon, and kicks off four
fun-filled weekends that run all the way through February. 


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