Stomach bug causes concern locally

TROY, N.Y. -According to the Centers for Disease Control the new
strain of the Norovirus originating from Australia is now in
the U.S. and accounting for about 60 percent of stomach bug outbreaks in
the country.

It didn't take NEWS10 long to find local residents who have already battled
the bug. The Rensselaer County Health Department has been getting many calls of

“Oh it was horrible. I'm telling you,” said Sherry Maloney of

Maloney recalled her bout with the Norovirus, better known as the stomach
bug. She had little chance to escape as it spread through her apartment building.

“Thirteen people that got really bad sick from it and then three people
had to go to the hospital,” said Maloney.

Doctors at Albany Memorial Hospital are already seeing a flood of people
dealing with the symptoms.
“Nausea, severe vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. Some people actually
can have some taste impacts. You can get muscle aches. You can just feel
generally miserable,” said Doctor Clifford Erickson.

Martin maloney recalls that miserable feeling.

“It just felt like a lot of cramping in my stomach and then I just
couldn't stop puking after that,” said Maloney.

She says the bug quickly spread at her job too.

“I think like 12 people,” said Maloney.

A main concern with norovirus is dehydration.

“If your mouth is very dry. If say an infant doesn't make tears when
they cry. If you're not producing any urine. If you're not urinating
frequently,” said Dr. Erickson.

Dr. Erickson says those signs mean seek medical attention. Unlike the flu a
shot can't help.

“There have been some studies that have looked at trying to come up
with a vaccine for Norovirus but there's not a vaccine available for
Norovirus,” said Dr. Erickson.

“Simple, quick rinse of your hands under the tap or using alcohol based
hand sanitizers tend not to be terribly effective,” Dr. Erickson said.

The best way to prevent catching the bug is to wash your hands often under
warm water for at least 30 seconds.

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