Community reaches out to families displaced by Albany fire

N.Y. — As the smoke settles Friday in downtown Albany, the damage from the
raging fire on Dove Street
is becoming more apparent.

Three homes
have to be demolished, leaving the families that live there out in the cold, but
the warmth of the community is stepping in to help keep them out of the

ran high for Sheniqua Gage, whose mother lives just next door to the homes
destroyed by the fire.

it's just unfortunate you know. My mom's a good person and the other people
they lost everything,” said Gage.

Gage came
from Schenectady to help her mom, Gabrielle, who was trying to stay warm — waiting
on a public bus that was parked nearby.

was home when the fire started and says she was alerted to it by a neighbor.

‘I just
wanted to get out. My grandson was with me, and just get him out and get the
cats out,' said Gabrielle.

firefighters worked for nearly two hours to put out that devastating blaze,
power was shut off to the entire block leaving many neighbors without heat. The
West's, who live across the street, opened up their doors.

have all of the kids inside of our house. We have all of the candles up. It's
really crazy,” said Kayla West.

The New Hope
Church also opened up its doors. They had no electricity, no heat, but with the
communities help are providing some basic necessities.

“People have brought in blankets and sweatshirts, shoes. Some of
the people that were trapped without any shoes ran over to us so they were able
to put sneakers on,” said Susan Davey, the pastor's wife.

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