Police: Man exposed himself to newspaper carrier

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – Police in
Rotterdam have arrested a man for allegedly exposing himself to a female
newspaper carrier.

Rotterdam Police say on
January 10 they received the complaint from the victim, saying 63-year-old
George H. Hughes, of 1213 Paul Avenue, had been intentionally exposing himself
to her, standing in his window as she delivered his morning paper to him.

The Daily Gazette confirms the woman involved is
their newspaper carrier.  She tells us her family, including her children,
has delivered newspapers on and off for close to seven years – and has never
encountered a situation like this.

“It seemed he knew our routine, he knew when we would get there, he knew when
my daughter did it versus my son, and he would do it when my daughter was
there, and that's what creeped me out the most,” said the carrier.

At first, the mother tells NEWS10 she
thought he would stop, but then after several weeks she said enough is enough. 

The family filed a report, and Rotterdam Police
began an investigation.   

“We set up an operation where we had somebody
observe the house, and we did that a few times, and then on the 18 we actually
caught him in the act,” said Lt. Jason Murphy. 

Hughes, a member of the South
Schenectady Fire Department, faces one count of Public Lewdness, a misdemeanor,
and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

The Rotterdam Police
Lieutenant did not know his official involvement with the fire department.

The mother tells NEWS10 that growing up around
the same neighborhood where Hughes lives makes her family uneasy.

“They're still scared to this day, when we walk by this house, they do every
house around his house,” said the carrier. 
“To know that this guy is out there, if he's exposing himself to my kids
in the morning – is he watching the other kids in the neighborhood?”

If convicted, Hughes could face up to 90 days in jail.   

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