Troy bar closing at the end of the month

TROY, N.Y. — The owner of an embattled bar in Troy says he's closing up shop.

Early Friday afternoon, the Broadway Brew Biergarten announced
its voluntary closure on its Facebook page, saying:

“Hey you guys quick
announcement. I have decided to close Broadway Brew Biergarten at the end of this month. Our last
day will be Wednesday January 30th. Thank you to everyone for your support. It
has been a great two years. Thank you to all our staff and patrons. We will be
opening tonight at 4pm. Until we close on the 30th we will be running food
specials to clear out our 5 freezers worth of food lol we have a lot. So stop
in and say your last goodbyes. I will miss everyone more then you know… “

This comes after numerous reports of violence, fights,
and noise disturbances outside the bar over the last year.

“Fights late at night, and groups of people who don't get
along, a lot of screaming and hollering. It's just a nusiance, bottom line.
It's a nusiance,” said Jim Scully owner of Bacchus Wood Fired.

Recently Troy business owners say they've working to
create an increasingly positive atmosphere in the downtown area, hoping to
bring old-town Troy back.

“We really want to be able to have people come down and
enjoy themselves from out of town and walk around to all these places without
having any trouble,” said Scully.

Police say reports coming out of the Broadway Brew area
include felony assaults, code violations inside the bar, and most recently – an
arrest made just last weekend after a 911 call said a man was inside the bar
with a gun.

“It's just bringing in an element that was dangerous,
late at night, and just the fact that that happens even though it's three in
the morning it doesn't look good for us who've worked hard for a long time to
make this a friendly fun city down here,” said Scully.

The company has created a Groupon deal to help sell out
the rest of the stock before the closing on January 30th.

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