Capital Region among top 50 ‘most infected’ areas with bed bugs

tiny, as small as an apple seed when full of blood, hiding in couches, beds,
and anywhere they can.

Bed bugs are invading areas of the
Capital Region and according to one of the largest bed bug pest control
services in the area, they aren't leaving anytime soon.

According to a 2012 list by Orkin
Pest Control, the Albany, Schenectady, and Troy areas have gone from 44th last
year up to 42nd now among the top 50 “most infested” areas in the

Northeast Pest Control says Capital
Region Housing Authorities and other multi-unit apartment complexes is where
the majority of their work is done. The service says they currently gets around
five to 10 calls daily for new cases of bed bugs.

“Hopefully eventually the
numbers and the cases will start to diminish but as for a quick term thing, I
think people can see that they're here to stay, really haven't seen much of a
significant drop off in the last five or six years, really an increase,” said Russell
Wake of Northeast Pest Control. 

One tip — when you return from traveling put all your
clothes in the wash and dry them for at least thirty minutes. Also you can
steam your luggage.

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