Time’s up for NY districts on evaluation plans

ALBANY, N.Y. – Time is just about up for New York school districts to adopt a teacher evaluation plan or lose out on state aid.

As of late Wednesday, all but four districts had submitted plans in advance of Thursday's state-imposed deadline.

Districts in New York State missing plans were New York City, Fallsburg, Harrison and Pine Plains.

According to the State Education Department, two local area school districts need to resubmit their evaulation plans: Galway Central School District and North Greenbush Common School District.

“Today is the final deadline for the handful of school districts, including
New York City,
that have failed to get their teacher evaluation systems in place. Please hear
me – there will be no extensions or exceptions,” Cuomo said in a statement Thursday. “Since we established one of the
strongest teacher evaluation models in the nation last year, 98% of school
districts have successfully implemented them. The remaining districts and their
unions have until midnight tonight to do the same or they will forfeit the
increase in education aid they have been counting on and both parties will have
failed the children they serve.”

Each of the state's nearly 700 school districts was told to submit a plan to the state Education Department for approval Jan. 17. If not, they'll lose their increase in state aid.
Under state law, 20 percent of the ratings must be based on students' growth on state tests. Another 20 percent must be based on local measures and the remaining 60 percent must include classroom observations and can also include parent or student surveys.

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