SCCC opens new site in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. – Both Albany and Schenectady Counties and Schenectady County Community College are working together to form a new higher education partnership in Albany.

SCCC Albany will be located on the second floor of the Albany County Office Building. The location will be similar to its City Center location in downtown Schenectady consisting of classrooms, offices for faculty and staff, and a common areas for students.

SCCC plans to begin the new enrollment in the fall of 2013. Tuition prices will remain the same for those attending the new site.

Albany County believes the plan will bring more students to downtown Albany businesses.

The plan also consists of a partnership with the CDTA; Students will receive a free bus pass to bring them to the school and elsewhere. Students driving themselves will be allowed to park in the Times Union Center parking garage.

“There can be no more borders.
We can't look at borders anymore. We have to look at what every community has
to offer,” said Dan McCoy, Albany Co. Exec.

And by breaking through borders,
Schenectady and Albany Counties established a plan for growth by education with
Schenectady County Community College. SCCC Albany will take up to 10,000 square
feet of space in the Albany County office building.

“I see the value of this. I
really do. It's something that you know, why have vacant space here?” said
Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings.

The new site, similar to SCCC's
city center location in downtown Schenectady, will have classroom space,
offices for faculty and staff, as well as common areas for students. It's
expected to bring around 1,000 students to downtown Albany.

“They're shop here.
They're going to go to restaurants here and it's going to be convenient for the
inner city kids that they got a place now that they can walk a couple blocks to
and take classes,” said McCoy.

Convenience is a major part of the
projects potential.

“It's increasing the convenience
of educational opportunities for young people, people middle aged people who
are going through transitions in the work force. It's going to make us more
competitive,” said Schenectady Mayor, Gary McCarthy.

The plan has been in the making for
years according to officials, but was sealed with a transportation partnership
with the CDTA.

“Students are able to with a
bus pass go anywhere within the Capital Region for free,' said Denise Murphy-McGraw, of the SCCC Board of Trustees.

Enrollment at SCCC has increased
1.5 percent from last year according to Murphy-McGraw, giving insight into what
could be possible for SCCC Albany when classes begin in the fall of 2013. 

“We are focusing our
enrollment growth on strategic programming and new initiatives innovations that
help to attract new audiences,” said President Dr. Quintin Bullock. 

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