Families of victims speak out after sentencing

Albany, N.Y. – It was a very sad day in Albany County Court Friday. Some of the victims families disagreed on what LuAnn Burgess deserved for them to get justice. For them it's been an emotional roller coaster. They hope now to find some peace.

Cathy Pallozzi, the daughter of 81-year-old Fran Pallozzi described how difficult the loss of her mother and the horrific tragedy that claimed two other lives has been for her and her family.

“The time that we've spent over the past 15 months have been horrific,” said Pallozzi.

Pallozzi and five other family members had their chance to read victim impact statements. Sentiments were mixed, some saying their lost loved one would have wanted them to forgive Burgess. Others saying she should be sentenced to the maximum jail time. But most agreed the Albany County District Attorney's Office and those involved in the investigation did a thorough job on a difficult case.

“Was out of the ordinary and one that no ones ever really seen before so we as a family trust what the process did,” said Pallozzi.

The process left Burgess pleading guilty to three counts of criminally negligent homicide. She admitted to driving after taking what the District Attorney's Office referred to as a cocktail of prescribed medications to treat Parkinson's disease. Burgess had these tearful words to share as she apologized to the victims families.

“I am so sorry to have caused the pain and suffering that this brought to you and your family,” said Burgess.

A terrible tragedy that will never bring back the lives of Fran Pallozzi , Rosemarie Hume or Carol Lansing. A hard truth Burgess will never forget.

“I pray the souls of your loved ones rest in peace,” said Burgess.

For her Cathy Pallozzi says moving forward is the next step.

“I feel relief already. I will tell you that the healing begins,” said Pallozzi.

Burgess will now be on probation for five years, never to drive again and must complete 600 hours of community service.

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