Both sides of gun debate protest at Saratoga gun show

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – The majority of the action at the Saratoga Gun Show was happening outside Saturday as several groups came out to protest – some against gun violence, and others in defense of their rights.

“We weren't really here to express an opinion other than to express a concern for the level of gun violence in this country,” said Linda LeTendre Saratoga Peace Alliance.

“I'm out here for my 2nd amendment rights and to defend everybody's rights to keep and bare arms in this country,” said Bruce Rivers Schenectady.

For one side it was a protest against recent actions put into motion by lawmakers and the governor that could make New York State the strictest when it comes to gun control laws. For others, it was a rally for peace and answers.

The Saratoga Peace Alliance set aside any differences to spark conversation with those inside the gun show.

“And really listen, not offer opinions or suggestions, but really listen and hear where they're coming from on the issue,” said LeTendre.

But the issue for gun owners like Bruce Rivers needed no conversation. He uses what many have labeled an “assault weapon” but he used it for sport and hunting.

“I own AR-15s. I own hand guns. Tens of thousands of people have died for these constitutional rights. We're going to throw that out the door. That's insane. Insane,” said Rivers.

The host of the gun show told NEWS10 that there were twice as many people at the gun show compared to last year.

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