Yoko Ono, son fight join fracking protest in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. — The fight against fracking in New York State received a bit of help thanks to star power.

Yoko Ono and her son, Sean Lennon, led a group of protesters in Albany Friday afternoon.

They were there to deliver more than 200,000 public comments to regulators on the Cuomo administration's proposed fracking rules.

The coalition says there is no way to make gas drilling safe for water and they're asking the governor to respond.

“When john said 'give me some truth,' what he was saying was, ‘yes we have to know the truth otherwise we won't survive'. So let's give us the truth and I would like Governor Cuomo to make sure to meet us and tell us the truth that he believes in,” said Yoko Ono. “We are all in this society together and responsible of it.”

“There are 100,000 wells being proposed here which is a massive, unparalleled industrialization of this state that's irreversible,” said Sean Lennon.

Friday was the last day to comment on the proposed drilling rules.

The Cuomo administration says they are close to completing the regulations that could lift a four and a half year ban on fracking in New York.

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