NY gun control deal could be close

ALBANY, N.Y. – “Given the number of tragedies and the amount of blood shed, i think it would be a dereliction of your public service responsibilities not to do something to protect the people of the state of New York.”

For the second time in less than a day, Governor Cuomo reiterated his impassioned call for gun control.

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. and the two volunteer firefighters who were killed in Webster, N.Y., he says the time to act is now.

He defends tougher legislation by explaining that a majority of people in the state support it.

“I own a gun, I own a Remington shotgun. It's a gun that's primarily used for hunting. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about assault weapons. We're talking about high capacity magazines.”

The governor and legislative leaders have been working on a deal — with signs of progress.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's office confirms its close, telling NEWS10 it would include a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Cuomo says the holdup regards the number of controls — Republicans want fewer of them. The criminal penalties associated are also a source of contention. Several Republican legislators have also stepped forward expressing concern.

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