Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: January 5

1. Mass. cops caught egging superior officer's home: Massachusetts police responding to reports of teenagers tossing eggs at a house last month got quite a surprise when they tracked down the suspects.


2. California law: Kris Humphries is “presumed father” of Kim Kardashian's baby: Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian announced that she's pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West's baby — but there's one problem. Under California law, Kardashian's ex Kris Humphries is the “presumed father” of the baby since the two are still legally married, TMZ reports.


3. Flu cases rise across U.S., severe season feared: In Chicago, a hospital employee describes the emergency department as “knee-deep in flu and pneumonia cases.”


4. People underestimate how much they might change in the future: A new study suggests that while adults like to believe that their opinions and perspectives are pretty much set in stone, no matter their age, their views may change more than they think in the future.


5. Kobe Bryant: I'm on Twitter now: Kobe Bryant is no longer a holdout. He's on Twitter.


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