Voters petition appellate court over 46th Senate District decision

ALBANY, N.Y. – More
turmoil over who won the race in the 46th Senate District even after George Amedore
has been certified as the victor and filed his oath of office.

On Friday, disenfranchised
voters delivered petitions to the appellate court demanding a judge count their

Signatures were collected
after two voters started an online petition. 

One voter NEWS10 spoke to
says she feels her vote didn't count because of a mistake on a write-in ballot.

“I was like shocked I
thought I did everything right, they told me I didn't double check but anybody
could have made that mistake if they are using paper ballots and not a regular
machine,” said the voter.

Gary Ginsburg, a spokesman from Cecilia
Tkazyck's office – Amedore's opponent – says they are confident the judge will
rule in favor of the voters and her victory is still possible.

“We're confident that when the voters' voices
are heard, Miss Tkacyzk will be victorious,” said Ginsburg over the phone.

He also
reiterated his confidence that the judges of the appellate division will not
allow hyper-technical errors to disenfranchise hundreds of New Yorkers.

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