Snow plows put to use in the Capital Region

DELMAR, N.Y. – The day began
early for Advantage Tree Service as they got their snow plows out at around 2 a.m.

“Everybody thinks it's real early. It's got to
be miserable, but it's good because there's no cars, no traffic getting in your
way. So you can actually get more done at that hour. It's the perfect time for
a storm to hit,” said Matthias Keib of Advantage Tree
Service LLC.

The non-stop
snowfall meant constant movement for these guys – but it's a welcome change
from last year's bare winter.

“We plowed snow last year once, so this year
is a little different. We already beat the snow fall total this year than we
did last year,” said Keib.

For the DOT, the
previous easy winter hasn't left them rusty.

They've got
about 1200 plow operators out – 200 in the capital district alone.

“We have been in
readiness mode for hours in advance of storm, have people working in emergency
operations center 24/7 to monitor conditions,” said Jennifer Post of the NYSDOT.

NEWS10 noticed
people all over were taking advantage of the first significant snowfall in
quite a while – some getting their snowshoes out to enjoy the day.

For Bill Maddock
– it was a bit more of an unexpected chore.

Last year he
bought his first snow blower, but was out shoveling like he always does.

“Came out this
morning, wasn't afraid of it. Sat there, waited until it lightened up, started
the snow blower and it died,” said Maddock.


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